Ideas for a Fast and Cost-Effective Shower Change

Ideas for a Fast and Cost-Effective Shower Change

Bathroom makeovers and shower renovation can be budget-busting and invasive or they can be painless and quick. One of the simple joys in life is having a warm relaxing shower. Several homeowners reinvent their shower experience by making small bathroom makeovers or an entire shower renovation.

Change the dynamics of your bathroom in just a weekend with some of the fast and cost-effective makeover ideas. The good news is that, regardless of the available amount you have to spend, a large number of bathroom makeover ideas are still achievable. With several DIY hacks and lookalike surfaces, you can enhance your home value and create an impeccable interior design without hiring a contractor.

This article aims to show you practical budget-friendly ways you can add function and style to your bathroom without requiring a major overhaul.

Showerhead replacement

This is the fastest and easiest way to improve and reinvent your shower. Equally, it is also one of the cheapest. Showerheads generally have a wide range of options. With this, simply replacing a showerhead can create enough room for a major shower experience customization. Showerheads usually come with stepwise directions for installation. This makes it easy to install for DIY homeowners.


Changing obsolete faucet and shower system

Occasionally, upgrading your bathroom goes beyond just replacing the showerhead. The water control fixtures and faucets may also need replacement. Not addressing these issues may pose several challenges such as creating a cohesive look, particularly in a tile shower.


Add a handheld shower

A great way of adding a shower to a bathtub not initially furnished with a shower is the addition of handheld showers. It is quite easy and simple to install these kinds of upgrades. However, the reason for adding handheld showers to your bathtub is not limited to this. The flexibility that comes with being able to direct the stream of water anywhere on your body should be an additional reason to install a handheld shower in your bathtub, even if you have a showerhead already installed.


Fitting shower columns and panels

Shower columns and shower panels provide both ease of installation and cost-effectiveness. Combining numerous plumbing features into a shower panel will save costs when compared with the cost of separately purchasing each fixture. Equally, you will also save time spent on installation. This is particularly great for DIY homeowners and those who hire plumbers to fix the installations for them.


Addition of overhead rain head to the shower

Installing an overhead rain head to the shower will require the services of a bathroom remodeling specialist or plumber. This is because this type of upgrade usually requires extra plumbing to supply water to the shower’s ceiling.

One of the benefits of using a rain shower head is that it provides a hydro-therapeutic effect on the body. The full coverage ensures that the waterfall is consistent, thus enveloping you in a stimulating and invigorating feel of rainfall. In addition, an overhead rain shower will not only circulate water to provide great coverage, but it will also ensure that water pressure is not sacrificed while doing that.



If you choose to upgrade or replace your entire shower system, your options are limitless. Simultaneously, the more complex the shower system, the more vital it is to hire an experienced plumber or a professional bathroom remodeler. So, you should carefully consider all your options.

Nowadays, customized shower options exceed just body sprays and multiple heads. They include special lighting and sound systems to give you the ultimate shower experience and uplift your bathroom and its effects. However, these also come with varying price tags.

Start in a small way by simply replacing your present shower head with one that provides multiple streams. You can also go all out and make a complete shower replacement. Whichever way, the change will surely improve and reinvent your shower experience.

Look out for that upsurge in your water bill as your fellow home occupants start to extend the time spent in the bathroom!