What Color Sink Is Best? A Guide to Which Sink Color Works

What Color Sink Is Best? A Guide to Which Sink Color Works

Choosing the perfect sink can be a difficult choice. With materials from traditional ceramic through to Deco-Glass and oil rubbed bronze.


Beautifully handcrafted sinks are one of a kind and totally unique along with a wealth of other designs and materials.


But what color sink is best? Gone are the days of the turquoise and pale pink plastic variety destined for the builders' trash! So in this helpful article, we will guide you through the colors available to bring a stylish contemporary look to your bathroom remodel.


Let’s first nail the brief and then we can look at some of the best sink color coordinates with your home and the way you live.


The best color for a sink could be traditional white, multi-colored through to a statement black, including metallic finishes in silver, gold, and bronze. There is a huge selection of sink colors and shades to harmonize and blend with your existing bathroom, kitchen, and washroom color schemes.


Ok so with the mini takeaway in mind, it’s clear to see there is a multitude of styles and colors, and your home decor needs to reflect the sink color of choice.

What color sink is best, here are the options

We’ll go through some of the more popular color choices and styles here. So let’s get straight into the details and look at one of the most enduring and popular sink colors, white...

White sinks

A white sink is such a classic way to bring a sense of the traditional into your bathroom remodel or update.


Clean sleek white lines are what this definitive neutral brings to any bathroom, kitchen, private washroom, or indeed anywhere in your home.

A white sink can make a statement

A white sink, whether a round vessel sink or a more traditional rectangular style, is perfect to coordinate with your existing decor or can make a crisp, cool statement.


 A white sink works perfectly in lighter-colored bathrooms, but also adds a smart contrast to darker more contemporary colors such as graphite and charcoal.


White sinks are a great way to bring an added source of brightness into your bathroom, by reflecting the natural light around them.



What styles are white sinks available in?

White sinks are available in a multitude of styles, from a decadent double sink. to a more round traditionally crafted style made from Rhino Alloy.


Some of the best white sinks are The stone resin wall-mounted and are durable and easy to clean to keep that simple but elegant white splash in your bathroom.

Are white sinks easy to clean?

A white sink will always need a little more attention than a stainless steel type to keep it looking fresh and clean.


Cleaning can be performed with most non-abrasive cleaning agents and will ensure lasting quality and appearance.




So from the tried and tested white sinks now to a complete contrast on the opposite side of the color wheel and let’s discover whether black is the best color for a sink.

Black sinks

A black sink is a wonderful way of bringing a touch of glamour to your bathroom remodel.


Black is not only a contemporary hit of color but also harmonizes well with shades and hues of all kinds on walls and floors.


A black sink works well with more glamorous decor such as golds and silver, whilst providing a centerpiece in a white or neutral setting.

What styles are black sinks available in?

In much the same way as white sinks, there is a dazzling array of black sinks available.


From a traditional square or rectangular shape through the to then more contemporary black round Vessel type.



Some of the best quality black sinks are handcrafted with each sink bringing a bespoke and unique quality to your bathroom or kitchen project.

Is a black sink easy to clean?

There are practical benefits too! The rich dark finishes of black kitchen sinks make them far easier to keep clean when compared with their white ceramic counterparts.


Black sinks can be cleaned using regular soap

Beautifully crafted black sinks made from Rhino Alloy can be cleaned safely by using regular soap and hot water along with a non-abrasive cloth or sponge to regularly clean the product.


This avoids any nasty build-up or deposits which would be tougher to remove.


If you think your black sink would benefit from a stronger cleaning solution or chemicals, then we recommend you test the cleaning solution or chemical on an inconspicuous area before applying it to the entire sink surface.



Ok so now we’ve looked at two of the most popular sink colors, let’s mix it up a little and add a touch of glamour to your washroom and discover more about gold sinks

Gold sinks

A gold sink really does add a touch of luxury to your morning bathroom routine. Shimmering against either natural light or maybe contemporary downlighting, a gold sink is a glamorous but affordable addition to your home.


Gold works beautifully with either neutral decor, such as pale stone and pebble colors, along with giving striking definition to a crisp all-white decor.


Here at Mizzlebaths, we love a gold sink in a contemporary darker shade washroom such as deep midnight blue and some of the darker charcoal shades.

What designs do gold sinks come in?

For anyone wondering which color sink is best, Gold sinks come in a beautiful array of shapes and sizes.


From designer oval shapes crafted using the finest quality Vitreous China with the delicate features of fine china and durability of high-end ceramics, through to traditional round styles.


Exquisite smooth polished plain gold finishes and luxury embossed gold porcelain styles, along with speckled hammered style to add a sense of opulence to your washroom interiors.




“For anyone wondering which color sink is best, Gold sinks

come in a beautiful array of shapes and sizes.”


Are gold sinks easy to clean?

It might surprise you to discover that gold sinks are as easy to clean as many other colors.


A gold sink can be treated in the same way as any other.


Always use a soft cloth and no abrasive cleaners which may take the finish off your gold sink.


Simple dish soap and water will keep your gold sink looking like a million dollars.

Multi-colored sinks

Back in the days of brown swirl carpets, and dodgy 1970’s decor, it was de rigueur to sport a plastic pink or turquoise sink in the very best washrooms!


With modern finishes such as tempered glass and ceramic finishes, multi-colored sinks are a beautiful addition to your bathroom or washroom remodeling project.

What designs do multi-colored sinks come in?

However, all that has thankfully changed! There are many farmhouse country-style multi-colored ditsy flowers, gorgeous hand-painted sinks, and a wealth of stylish plain colors to choose from.


Luxurious red and black tempered deco glass vessel styles with matching chrome waterfall faucet is perfect to pair with your striking black or pure white contemporary washroom decor



Are multi-colored sinks easy to clean?

Today’s easy care and low maintenance finishes mean your multi-colored sink will be as easy as other colors to keep clean.


Always use a gentle detergent without abrasive additions and for tempered glass, a mild glass cleaner will work best.

And finally…

So we hope you have got all the information you need from our helpful article to discover which sink color is best for you!


Don’t forget to browse our extensive selection of sinks in a wealth of designs and colors. From beautiful contemporary vessel styles through to more traditional styles and shapes to perfectly complement your bathroom remodeling project.